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"The White House Is Our House: A CD-ROM Visit" is a new educational product developed by the White House Historical Association and the American Architectural Foundation and produced by Autodesk, Inc. This computer-based learning resource gives users the unique opportunity to explore what it is to live and work in the White House. Through the use of the latest multi-media technology, including panoramic Quick Time Virtual Reality (QTVR), this CD-ROM creates the "experience" of an actual visit as users can navigate through the building and grounds to access many objects.

"This CD-ROM is a powerful tool in fulfilling the Association's educational mission. It opens the doors of this great building to the nation's 48 million schoolchildren, their parents and teachers," says Neil W. Horstman, Executive Vice President of the Association.

More than 1,800 photos, 375 audio clips and over 50 video segments are incorporated into this first-of-its kind CD-ROM. The user can choose one of the six tours full of information drawn from historical and curatorial resources. The Public Tour parallels the actual White House tour offered to visitors. The Presidents Tour presents information about the Presidents that can be accessed in chronological order. The First Ladies Tour highlights the accomplishments of these extraordinary women. The Children's Tour, designed to appeal to young people, features anecdotes about White House children and their pets. The Arts Tour contains information about paintings, furniture, china and even music and other performances in the White House. The Architecture Tour takes you through the structural evolution of this highly recognizable monument.

The Explore! mode offers a more unstructured way to travel at your own pace - visiting the different rooms, examining objects in the house or accessing other tour information. You can even created and save your notes, illustrations, and reports in a personalized Treasure Box, so you can make a digital scrapbook for each and every visit. There is also a History Mystery challenge for children and grownups that want to test their knowledge of White House history as they explore the buildings and grounds. Whatever tour mode is chosen, media and activity buttons light up along the way to provide opportunities to access a rich archive of historic images, audio clips and videos. It is up to the viewer to decide what is next depending on their educational or entertainment goals.

Orders are being accepted for delivery after December 1, 1997, at $49.95 plus shipping and handling. For further information about the White House Historical Association, the CD-ROM or how to obtain a demo copy, please fax your request to Maria Downs at 202-789-0440.

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