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Produced by Autodesk, Inc.,
for The White House Historical Association
in cooperation with The American Architectural Foundation

Copyright ©1997 The White House Historical Association

Software Design and Development:
CyberToys, Inc.
Ray C. Freeman III, Technology and Design
R. Dennis Walker, Database and Management
Michael Thomas, Art Direction and Production

QTVR Photography: Mel Curtis
Architectural Photography: Stephen Wilkes
Additional Still Photography: Erik Kvalsvik, John Fanning

Music and Sound Production: Johnny Good, Shannon Cooper, The Good Company
Interface Sound Effects: Randy Yount, Clatter & Din
Narration Production: Jay Jennings, D.C. Post

William Allman
Nancy Clarke
George Elsey
Nancy-Jo Hereford
Brian London
Betty Monkman
Rodger Payne
Ray Rhinehart
William Seale
Rex Scouten
Gary Walters

Editorial Concept Development, Research and Writing:
Leanna Landsmann, Inc.
Leanna Landsmann, Project Director
Nancy-Jo Hereford, Associate Project Director, Principal Writer/Editor
Jacqueline P. Glassman, Associate Writer
Sydney Donahoe, Associate Writer
Eric L. Hamilton, Associate Editor
Lisa Levy
Millie Rossman-Kidd
Eric Raicovich

Teacher Advisory Board:
Dorris Dillon, Graystone Elementary, San Jose, CA
Patti Ernst, Council Rock Primary School, Rochester, NY
Marj Montgomery, Frank Ashley Day Middle School, Newton Corner, MA
Pedie O'Brien, Bristol Elementary School, Bristol, VT

Thanks also to the following teachers for their contributions:
Pam Bierly
Ann Cernak
Delores Choat
Clayton Evans
Gail Skroback Hennessey
Ray Medeiros
Rick Moulden
Sue Ostrofsky
Linda Sandhei
Allan Yeager

Special Thanks to:

William Seale, White House Historian

John Bredard, National Geographic Society

Commonwealth Films

Traci Zambotti

"The President's Own" United States Marine Band

The White House Historical Association:
Robert L. Breeden, Chief Executive Officer
Neil W. Horstman, Executive Vice President
Donald J. Crump
Maria Downs
Patricia McClosky

The White House Usher's Office:
Gary Walters
Richard Chapman Jr.

The White House Curator's Office:
Betty Monkman
Bill Allman
Lydia Tederick
Donna Hayashi
Rex Scouten

Developed in Macromedia Director using Quick Time Virtual Reality (QTVR) by Apple, FileFlex by Component Software, and PrintOMatic by Electronic Ink.

Numerous organizations and individuals generously provided materials for use in the program.

Ordering Information:

The White House Is Our House is available through the following:

The White House Historical Association
To order, visit the Association's Museum Shop and scroll down to CDs.

Autodesk Press
An International Thomson Publishing Company
3 Columbia Circle, PO Box 15-015
Albany, NY 12212-5015
For orders call: 1-800-874-2383, fax: 1-800-487-8488 or click here.

The CD-ROM Shop
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