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CyberToys was created as a vehicle to explore our creative talents and vision in software design and development.

...the boys just wanna have fun


Dennis and Ray celebrate the publication of The White House Is Our House: A CD-ROM Visit


The essential mission of CyberToys is to apply emerging technologies to which we have access to problems, content areas, and new ideas which are of interest to us, in ways that explore the relationship between interface, technology and content sufficiently to produce cutting edge products without relying solely on the technological breakthroughs requiring the resources of a major sofware developer.

...a perfect fit between form, content, and technology


Inherent in the CyberToys mission is the notion that interface, technology, and content can and should be manipulated toward achieving a specified design goal, and that the standardization of any of these to prevailing industry standards may compromise our design goals and thereby weaken our products.

...we may have to break some rules


CyberToys seeks out projects which combine our interests and abilities in design and technology. With both geometry and multimedia based tools at our disposal, we are involved in thematically-based modeling such as Lego CAD, cross-disciplinary educational tools for Autodesk, Inc., and multimedia based experience-oriented projects such as The White House Is Our House.


CyberToys is a producer of software titles. We act as both Designer and Developer, but not Publisher. We rely upon outside companies to publish our products.

...we believe in the publishing model in which we are treated like an Author

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