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Technical Tips from the Developers

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Printing Error in Windows 95:

There is a know bug related to printing models that occurs on some systems when the color depth is set to greater than 256 colors in Windows 95. To avoid this error, run LEGO CAD with your color palette set to 256 colors if you intend to print your models. This should eliminate the error message.

The same bug may interfere with image capture on certain video cards as well. There will be no error, but the image file may either be corrupt or otherwise not correct. Again, setting the color palette to 256 seems to correct this problem.

Also note that wireframe printing is not supported.

DXF to AUTOCAD Release 14:

DXF files created with LEGO Exchange may be imported into most programs which support DXF format. We have encountered a problem however, importing these files into AutoCad Release 14. The DXFIN command stalls at line 84 of the DXF file, and then aborts with a message that the DXF file is either corrupted or incomplete. We are investigating the incompatibility with Release 14, but in the meantime have developed this workaround:

Open the DXF file with any text editor (Windows Write, Microsoft WORD, or even DOS EDIT). Delete the first 84 lines of the file, from the beginning to the first instance of the word ENDSEC. The file should now start like this:


Now, save the file as text-only. Don't let your word processor convert it to it's own format (such as WORD's .DOC), or AutoCad will not be able to read it. Otherwise, the new 84 lines shorter file should load into AutoCad Release 14 with no problem.

NOTE: We have tested the DXF files created by LEGO Exchange on other releases of AutoCad, on 3D Studio R4, and 3D Studio MAX R2, as well as on other non-Autodesk software, and find that no editing of the file is neccessary or desirable. Note that .ASC files are generally preferable for loading into 3D Studio R4 (the DOS version), because each LEGO element is converted to an Object in 3D Studio, and materials are applied according to the color or material of the element. Unfortunately, 3D Studio MAX does not support .ASC format, so DXF will have to do.

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