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Platforms: Windows 3.1 and Windows 95

Design Thingy is a design-oriented program which creates and edits 2D line drawings, 3D geometric models, painted images and bitmaps, and character-based text, all under the same interface, with a high degree of interactivity between the four modes. Design Thingy is intended to be an entry-level program which gives the user a taste of drawing, modeling, rendering, and text manipulation, together with the various relationships between these, in the context of design-oriented problem solving.

Design Thingy itself includes a core set of data-creation and editing features, and relies upon links to other software for added functionality. The integration of various CAD, modeling, rendering, animation, word processing, and database software is one of the goals for Design Thingy. Design Thingy acts as the starting point for problem solving, allowing the user access to a variety of problem solving tools. Transfer from one mode of thinking to another is easily accomplished as the data is allowed to flow between the various parts of the program as the user experiments with different ways of looking at a problem.

Once a particular direction or method has been established, data from Design Thingy may be transferred to any number of external software programs to complete the solution and its documentation, using software appropriate to the chosen direction. While a set of elementary curriculum materials has been developed to use with Design Thingy, these should be thought of as examples of how to use the program and how it can be tied to various curriculum areas, rather than as content directly imbedded into or associated with the program itself.

Design Thingy, is in fact, content-free and not specifically tied to any one curriculum area. It can be used in a pure technology learning environment as easily as in one which addresses a specific area such as math, geology, or creative writing. As a technology-based tool, Design Thingy provides educators with an engaging program that they can adapt to deal with a broad range of both students and topics.

Design Thingy was developed for Autodesk, Inc., and is currently unpublished.

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