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Platforms: Windows 3.1 and Windows 95

The CyberToy is an experimental product, currently consisting of almost pure technology and very little interface. It was developed as an experiment in extremely fast single-mode building and flying, originally code-named RTFT for Real Time Fly Through. The CyberToy addresses an issue that creates problems for many 3D programs which implement various viewing ‘modes’ for various tasks. One mode, often consisting of several 2D views (top, side, etc.), is often used for building, while another more three-dimensional mode is used for viewing. Also, in most cases, real-time viewing (that which you can bring yourself to wait for) is limited to a single view, and fly-throughs or animations usually require hours of computer processing time (in other words, come back later).

The design goal of The CyberToy was to combine modeling and viewing into a single mode, and to provide ‘real-time’ fly-through and animation. The CyberToy utilizes a significantly different way of understanding geometry than do most 2D or 3D CAD programs. Traditional programs store entities in the order created, and then sort them at render time. The CyberToy keeps information about the model in an unusual data structure that never needs sorting, no matter which direction you are looking from, and thereby avoids the time-consuming task of sorting data over and over again. Various versions of The CyberToy have included programmable robots, robot games, worlds within worlds, and other experimental features.

The program has seen several DOS implementations and is in its’ second full Windows re-write, the first to actually be released. Another version, currently known as Alpha 1.0 of version 2.0, is under way, which at this point features revolving backgrounds and variable-sized worlds. The technology behind The CyberToy has potential for various game situations, and utilizes incredibly small amounts of data, making it a wonderful candidate for on-line situations which require 3D viewing and activity, including multi-user scenarios. The CyberToy was developed by Peter Acker and Ray C. Freeman III.

Download The CyberToy here (self-extracting zipped archive).

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